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Galloping Gems offers a full range of Services to our clients:


For Appraisals, you can bring your jewelry to my office and I will do all of the needed work in front of you. This includes photographing the goods, measuring stones, determining quality, and metal content. You are able to take the jewelry with you and never be parted from your valuable items. After the preliminary appraisal, I will generate a report and mail it to you. This will be a legal document that will allow you to have your items insured. The document will include a written description of your jewelry and a photograph. There will be an original document for you and a copy for you to send to your insurance company. My gemological equipment is portable, so I can come to your location if you prefer.

Gem Identification

My gemological equipment provides the ability to perform Gem Identification for most stone(s) in or out of the mountings that are currently unknown to you. This includes many natural versus man-made gem material identifications.


If you have jewelry repair needs, my jewelers can assist you. My jewelers are based in Houston and throughout the country. Depending on your specific need, your item will be sent immediately to the jeweler with that expertise. My jewelers have received many awards for design concepts and some have graduated from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, (GIA). Your jewelry will be expertly repaired and returned to you in a timely manner. Additional repairs include pearl or bead restringing. My bead stringer is the best in Houston and will return your item quickly. If you have an enamel or delicate piece of jewelry, a jeweler of mine uses the latest laser technology that requires no heat to repair the delicate, older pieces of jewelry. My Repair Services also includes watches. My watch repairman is the best horologist in Houston. His repair time is generally about two weeks unless it is a complicated time piece or parts must be ordered.


When you are about to embark on a jewelry purchase, especially the very special engagement ring, I can provide valuable information on the details to look for before purchasing, such as the quality of the diamond or gem stone and the quality of the mounting. Additionally, pricing information is available on the Internet for diamonds, and I can assist you in locating it.